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I am Excited about Publishing My Second Book

I am in the process of publishing my second book “Enlightening Messages From the Heart Nebula”

The book Enlightening Messages from the Heart Nebula is thought provoking as well as inspiring reading. It is a book of information downloaded from high frequency nonphysical beings associated with the Heart Nebula, which is 7,500 light years from Earth. Your accustomed sense of time and space can take on a different perspective with frequency transmissions from that distance!

Enlightening messages from the Heart Nebula sheds light on:

*Focusing and clarifying your goals in this time of transition

*Refining your soul focus to help the Earth

*Expanding Earth consciousness, and so supporting the shifts in our solar system. 

*Opening up your personal horizons.

*Letting go of what personally does not work for you

*Loving Guidance in a time of change

*Shifting your consciousness to 5D

*Opening your heart and mind for the good of all.

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