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What keeps you here on this Earth?

Some interesting questions to ask yourself when you have those moments waiting in line!

What is important to you? Why be here? What is your soul purpose?

Then of course the line moves forward and the answer is at the end of the line with your goal of the moment.

So why ask yourself these questions? There are so many things to do and places to be. Do the questions really make a difference or matter? Maybe yes – maybe no. But the funny thing is I am sure you will find yourself asking them again in one form or another.

It may take the form of:

Why doesn’t he or she like me?

Why are the TV shows getting more boring?

Why do I eat so much? 

Why don’t I enjoy my work?

Why are people sick?

Why do we die?

It can even get down to why do dogs bark so much?

So you may not be directly asking what your soul purpose is – but you may be looking for an answer anyway. It is just that the word order of the question is different.

How do you find this elusive thing? I have found that when things are going well and I am generally on track, it is because I am doing what I recognize as my soul purpose. Which I may add, I have been known to resist.

The saying wherever you go, there you are comes to mind.

In other words I do not think you can truly escape your soul purpose – even if you consciously wanted to. There would always be a part of you that would wander down that path – and likely enjoy it.

 Much like animals seem to enjoy hunting for food. It seems to be more of a past time – they generally do not give off fearful and worried energy that the food will not be available. They have found their soul purpose – to be alive and carry out their “work” so to speak. Their part of the life cycle – removing and recycling those that have died or are weak. In nature you generally do not see dead bodies- there is always a cleanup crew!

I believe that some people come to serve (literally), some come to have what others call serious experiences, some for a relationship that they want to correct this time round, some to help in some form, some to hinder.

Some come, simply to be happy. I am sure you can think of other soul purposes, this is a short list!  

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  1. I always love reading your blog posts as they always prompt me to take a few moments to ponder and question. Moving through life with intention and purpose is always more meaningful. 😊

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