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What a Wonderful World!

A spectacular drive in the south of Chile – the Volcano Villarrica had a lovely cover of snow from recent rains and the sun was shining with a clear blue sky. It is the beginning of spring in the southern hemisphere and the trees are leafing out, the grass is growing to a lush green and spring flowers are making their appearance.

I went to do a Feng Shui consultation on a blueberry farm in the south of Chile. It is a wonderful farm using Organic and Biodynamic growing procedures and a very peaceful place.  

It was a great day to be alive. Everything could be seen through the eyes of perfection. SO everything is perfect.

But then the next day it rains or is cloudy. Your mood can go with the weather. Here today and gone tomorrow.

Watching grass grow in spring may not be as boring as you think.  In fact it could be positively enlightening if you can get yourself to sit still long enough.

One thing does not change though. Nature is still carrying out its cycles and growing and dying with the seasons. Each cycle creates and feeds the next, whether with rest, sun or rain. There is a flow of life and activity.

For our mood changes we can always find balance in whatever we see in nature, a plant, a tree, a flower even a weed. They grow in the rain and the sun. They need both.

We also need both. If it is sunny all the time we become accustomed to it and eventually do not appreciate life, as there is no difference to compare one day with another – no dark to light so to speak.

Then on the physical level there is the minor detail that we need the rain to feed the crops, that feed us. Everything is a cycle.

When the rain comes you know it will be sunny again.

When you are in a darker mood you can be sure that it will lighten- it has nowhere else to go. It is part of the cycle of life and appreciation by a comparisons of opposites.

Let your moods flow with the day and season, watch them and see where the sun comes up and what the day brings for you.

But the main thing is to Let Go and Let God as the saying goes. Think of the seasons, think of day and night and have faith that all will in fact shift for the better including your mood.  

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