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What You Resist Persists whether Sadness or Joy

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You all want joy right? So why would you resist it? Sadness is usually another matter and is considered something reasonable to resist. 

We all have our takes on life in general and our life in particular. This is a good thing in the sense that we are clear on how we want to live our life and what we want to do with it. There is no delaying or confusion on what it is we want to do and how we want to do it.

This saves a lot of time and trouble, it also saves redoing things. Yes, sometimes we maybe unsure of the path to take and it may also be that the path is not yet clear. Each of us has a record / belief that we have obtained from the society, our parents, friends, TV, news reports etc.

I use the term record as we repeat it like a record without changing anything about it no matter the events that occur or evidence to the contrary. Sometimes we have a recording that has been made up to be the opposite of the original influence, and in this way we feel we have expressed our individuality.

We divide ourselves into groups according to these records / beliefs so that we can feel safer and contribute more to the mutual goals that the group has. Again this is all well and good.

But life has many facets, as many facets as there are souls. So you will come across people with other records in their head.

When you oppose these belief systems / records directly those involved build a wall that is higher and stronger to protect their records /belief systems. You are in fact reinforcing something that you want to change. You are resisting their belief systems and they are resisting yours.

When this happens the saying what you resist persist comes into play.

The more you resist their ideas and visa versa the more those ideas persist. If we want to have a blending and acceptance of ideas how do we get out of the loop?

There are several factors involved to watch out for that keep the resistance in place.

1) Judgment of others ideas

2) A Fear of change

3) Lack of faith that agreements can be made for the good of all.

In this manifesting planet we have created what we fear and then proceed to judge our creations.

How can we get rid of this judgment – especially if we want to change the creation that causes us fear?

One way is to remove the judgment of those that we want to communicate with instead of seeing them as victims and/or thieves or wrong, see them as powerful beings who have chosen this path of learning. They will sense this shift in you and this in itself shifts their viewpoint of themselves.

You have given them power by believing in them as a soul with choices. This gives them choices. It also gives you choices.

Try wandering around for 5 minutes, or half an hour and not feeling sorry for anyone or judging them as wrong. You can feel a lightness of spirit that has been released for you and also the other person – whether they know it or not.

In releasing them from your judgment, you are releasing yourself as well.

Remember and think of your goals, when you press against something like someone else’s point of view you are reinforcing it – is this something you want?

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