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What Makes You Happy?

We are in an incredible time in the recent history of mankind.  Time seems to be speeding up and life is changing rapidly.

At the same time, we are more restricted to our houses and countries with less personal interactions between people. There has been a focus on fear and potential death – more than has been the case with the normal car accidents, heart disease and cancer rates which have been increasing and with us for a while now.

How can you be happy when you are in fear? It is like love and hate not being able to be in the same emotional space. It is very hard to be happy when you are in fear.

Studies show that stress and fear reduce the immune system functions, making us more susceptible to death from bacteria and virus infections. In other words you are attracting disease and death through your focus and stress levels.

What people seem to forget in this atmosphere of insecurity is that we are all going to die. It is as if the society has said this is something unusual and something to be afraid of.

In fact the bright side is that death gives life value. We have a tendency to think we are immortal and in so believing we go about our lives as if we are going to be here forever, and have all the time in the world to learn from our mistakes this life time.

We think we can be careless with time and our life. We feel justified in neglecting relationships thinking there will be time later to heal the wounds and forgive. This may be part of the reason we fear death, it reminds us there is a finite amount of time to carry out our soul purpose and connect with those we need to for healing.

There is a solution to this dilemma of safety versus a full life.

Each moment is a blessing. When lived as a blessing and not a disposable unit of your perceived life, you shift the world around you as well as yourself.

Living in the moment is something that changes the moment to an infinite amount of time – in that moment you are in fact immortal.

Time slows down and you give yourself the chance to connect with Mother Earth and all that is going on around you.

Watch a cat hunting, it is in slow motion every second and movement seems to be on hold in anticipation of the final goal. At the same time there is no attachment. If the hunt is not successful the cat walks away as if it is uninterested and has forgotten about it. As if it did not happen.       It was in the past and the next moment is now.

You do not have to meditate to live in the moment or sit still – just consciously go about your day with the intention to live each moment.

Focus for that moment on what you are doing in a relaxed way. It is great to think of positive things associated with the task at hand – gratitude, love, joy, completion and creation. You can also have an intention for the day, task or moment. An intention without attachment, something you desire to feel – but will be fine without.

This keeps you from being taken up in the swirl of public media and beliefs, of fear and confusion. It keeps you focused on what you want out of your life and the time you have here on this wonderful planet.

When we live only in the 3 dimensional world of matter we are limited to it. When we expand our world to our creation and intentions it becomes magical.

So what makes you happy? Is it what you do or what you are thinking while you are doing it? It is the action or is it the intention?

Yes there are some things you like to do more than others. You feel good when doing it and associate it with joy and happiness. Very likely it is also part of your soul path. This said there are also many things we do not like doing that are part of our soul learning. Work, cooking or even doing accounts can be part of our learning experience and life lessons.

The more you learn to live in the moment with intentions of joy the more you are covering all bases. By this I mean adding joy to those things that you know are your soul path and also those that you do not consciously recognize as lessons you came here to learn. Numerology can be a wonderful tool for ferreting out the less obvious lessons you came to Mother Earth for.  

It’s good to cover all the bases – especially when you learn how to enjoy doing it and expand your time as well as your life. It becomes easier to answer the question What makes me happy?

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