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We are part of the macrocosm downloaded into the microcosm of our amazing bodies.

For Joy Judgment is Gone!

One of the greatest issues we face as human beings relating to each other is our judgment of each other and ourselves. It builds spider webs of resentment around us and others. The webs reach out into the eithers much like a WiFi or phone signal. One never knows where it starts or where it ends. However at some level the judged and the judging know what is happening – judgment is never pretty and rarely constructive.

This is not the same as constructive criticism. This is aimed to help support the person with other ideas, views and options. Done kindly it is very beneficial for expanding knowledge.

When you see a tree do you think it should have been bigger, or smaller, or thinner, or fatter?

When you see a flower do you say to God you should have made it a lighter shade or smellier or more resistant?

Do the mountains in the distance not match up to expectations or judgments? Should they have been taller, brighter, wilder, more civilized?

You get the picture.

Nature and the God that created all do not judge. They reveal in the variety of rocks, plants and humans. All are different flowers in the garden of life all add and contribute in their own way. Each would be missed if it did not exist.

The world would indeed be boring if we were all the same perfection. Enjoy each aspect of yourself and others. When you come from your heart, which is connected to the heart of God you can let go of the judgment and the binding webs that restrict your life and those around you.

Fly free to enjoy a wondrous life as you are in this moment on this magnificent Earth. Joy is a great liberator.

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