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We are part of the macrocosm downloaded into the microcosm of our amazing bodies.

Bringing Peace to the Earth

We are in times of change, the last 100 years or so have been so dramatic that we have difficulty connecting with life before that.

In fact we often have enough of a challenge connecting with the world we are in now.

Our thoughts are focused on turmoil in different places in the world by the ever present media and bringers of news. Too often the news is designed to instill fear, shock and an adrenal reaction of flight or fight. It all tends to leave many people feeling powerless.

The thing to remember is that we are in fact powerful, contrary to what we have been led to believe. In our own quiet way we can change the world. We are part of the world, and as such our thoughts and feelings spread out into the world.

Hence I find the words above very centering and inspiring. I hope that you do too.

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