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Biodynamic Conference Seminar on Clearing with Feng Shui

For 11 years I have been doing the Feng Shui for the Martini Brothers biodynamic blueberry farm in the south of Chile. Each change of the seasons I go there to clear and bless the land and see what adjustments need to be made for the coming season.

There was a 3 day Biodynamic course at the farm recently. I was invited to give a talk on the process of my Feng Shui clearings for the farm. We are in the south of Chile and there is not much biodynamic activity in the area as far as I knew. I expected and audience of about 10 people and was rather stunned when 70 appeared. They had come from all over Chile.

I translated my talk to the Spanish version and read that to be sure my concepts were communicated accurately. Later on a couple came forward to translate for me so that I could talk in English.  

They were a wonderful group – a mixture of ages, couples and singles as well as families with children. I felt very honoured to be able to talk to them and give a blessing of the farm afterwards.

I was also delighted to partake of the asada or traditional barbeque here. We all sat around the fire pits used for keeping us warm in the chillier night time. After the meal there was some wonderful guitar and songs played.

All in all an inspiring event, which also gave me the opportunity to meet some very interesting and lovely people.

2 thoughts on “Biodynamic Conference Seminar on Clearing with Feng Shui”

  1. Lydia!! It is Karen Smith here! From Brazil/Colombia.
    What an amazing work! Lets talk soon! Will be heading to Ibiza, Spain to work at a Six Senses Hotel there! Would Love to have you there!!! ♥️

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