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London Book Fair and Talk

For the first time in years I was able to travel abroad. It was quite a treat. I was booked for a book fair in New York 3 years ago. It was canceled and moved to Toronto, then to London and cancelled in each city. This year I was in luck, the London 2022 Book Fair went ahead as scheduled. All engines were on GO, and everything went smoothly.

I signed books and gave a talk at the fair, browsed and generally enjoyed the many displays and people attending. The fair is held in two huge double story buildings so it was quite a challenge at times to find my location.  However all went smoothly and was well organized.

In the photo I am with a delightful fellow author from California, Susan Cambrigue Tracy who was signing her book co-authored with Dr. Sandra Fallon  Live your now! A simple meditation inspired by the Seven Chakras & Gratitude. Susan also wrote a beautiful book with poetry and illustrations called Emergence: A woman’s life through poetry and motion.

To my surprise I loved the area of London that I was exposed to. The underground was amazing and the people were extremely helpful. I stayed in Earls Court which is fitting as it used to be an Australian hangout. The trains and buses were straight forward even for a country girl like me. If I was at all uncertain there was always someone there to help. Since the closest city to where we live has a population of 55,500 people it was quite a change.

Stay tuned for my next blog on my travels and talk to the north in Scotland.

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