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Worthy of Love

Being worthy of love boils down to tolerance of yourself and with this tolerance of others. If you look closely enough each person is a reflection of who you are and vice versa.

What do I mean by this?

Have you noticed that one person can react differently with different people? In part this can be seen as a result of their interactions reflecting the person they are connecting with.  By reflection I am referring to the change in their own behavior as a response to the other person’s expectations and messages to them on both a verbal and nonverbal level.

 Have you found yourself behaving in a way with a certain person that even surprised you? It may have felt you were acting in a way they expected you to, rather than how you felt. Their energy and expectations subtly changed the way you responded to them. 

In this way you are reflecting the person you are talking to.

Have you been intolerant of yourself or others? Have you been experiencing intolerance from others?

An important key to tolerance involves letting go of judgment. When you relate to family, friends and yourself with fewer judgments your world shifts gear. Fewer judgments of what is valuable or worthy lighten your world and interactions.  You can start to see people and situations for the benefits they bring to your life and see yourself as a benefit to others.

This form of tolerance frees you from your own ghosts and fears.

It involves letting go of some of the stories and ego in your head. Of having faith that now or in the future your relationship will be in a good place.

You do not need to have other people reflect the negative for you. They start to reflect the positive aspects of yourself as you start to let go of the judgment derived from your history, and that of the society and generations that have gone before you. This may sound like a mammoth task, but a moment and day at a time can chip away at it. Never fear you will always have someone to practice on and hone your letting go and having faith skills.

When you develop tolerance for yourself you will find that tolerance for others will be a natural consequence.

Here are some exercises to try for a few minutes a day.

Make a commitment to

  1. Identify 5 of your judgments about yourself and others, and write them on a piece of paper.
  2. For 5 minutes a day visualizes releasing those five judgments that you place on yourself.
  3. For 5 minutes a day visualize releasing the five unconstructive judgments you place on others.
  4. Note any correlation between the judgments of yourself and your judgment of others.
  5. As a consequence of these exercises notice how you relate in a less isolated and more connected way to those around you.

Open you hearts to others without conditions. Have faith in God and yourself to expand your world and increase the quota of love in your life.

You may not agree with someone today – but another day can shift the energy between you as you both grow leaving room for forgiveness in your heart and mind.

Presume you are worthy of love and tolerance, and it will be so. 

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