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We are part of the macrocosm downloaded into the microcosm of our amazing bodies.

How to Find Your Own Power

Here is the 4th of my set of 5 YouTube videos recorded in Largs, Scotland with my publisher Indie Author World. (69) Finding Your Own Power – YouTube

In a large part of the world there is a heavy focus on fear and survival. The newspapers tend to focus our attention on the fear of survival. Where there is fear there is no love, only survival mode.

How do you come out of this emotional state into harmony, joy and love? What is the incentive to do so? When you choose to let go of the disempowering emotions of fear, you help others and yourself to work together for the greater good.  This can be a powerful incentive when you think of those you love.

We are electromagnetic beings. As such we can emit and focus frequencies. Like all frequencies these can pass through matter and space. We are used to this concept with WiFi and telephone signals to name a few examples.

A simple meditation to shift the planet is to visualize energy and light being sent to world leaders. This energy is sent with the intention to shift their focus for the good of all. You do not have to know specifically how this energy is used – only be clear that it is for the good of all. You can also choose to visualize a specific event occurring for the Good of All.

 We are manifesting beings it is time to use our powers of creation constructively.

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