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Do you want to Transform Your Mind?

Why would you want to transform your mind? For those who feel they would like to grow and are a bit bored or disappointed with the life they are leading at the moment this is a very important question.

We can transform our mind so that all our bodies are aligned –physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional. Why? – To be as good as we can be and to challenge new frontiers of knowledge on levels we are starting to re-discover. In a world quickly losing meaning and focusing on fear we must go back to the source of our own satisfaction. Advancing ourselves and hence our world to a level of love needed for our own meaning in life as well as the survival of the Earth.

Is transforming the mind just a feeling that the grass is greener on the other side?

Is it something that is not necessary, as you can consider that minor adjustments to your routine would shift how you feel about your life?  Or is it a calling from your heart and soul?

These questions are relevant and true for some people and not others, for one time and not for other times in your life. They are good questions to go through when you are in the doldrums or when you are looking for more inspiration.

What do you do if after considering these options you decide you want to transform your mind? You want to in some way enliven your life, and in so doing that of others.

What are the simple steps necessary to transform the mind?

1) First and foremost, there is always intention in whatever we do. So first you need to intend to transform your mind.

2) Once we decide we intend to do something there comes the next step, the will to do so. Intention is the initial mental aspect of the process. Your will motivates action to carry out a plan. No matter what that plan is!

3) An image of what it is you want, it can be clear as a bell or fuzzy on the edges- either way it is something you desire.

4) Once you have started into action through your will you likely will come across thoughts and physical considerations that may shift the view of your plan in some way. At this stage you need patience with yourself and your surroundings.  Patience with self is a wonderful gift, which brings all sorts of miracles among them the ability to recognize miracles as they appear.

Here are some ideas to try out in your goals of transforming the mind on a daily level.

*Shift bit by bit away from fear (unknown or the known) and emotional confusion to gaining clarity and peace. Congratulate yourself on every little deed accomplished towards your vision. You will notice that it is easier and more joyful to continue on the path of discovery and transformation.

*Taking charge of your actions with a loving voice. Use a loving voice when you talk to yourself. We all talk to ourselves – not aloud normally – but the mental conversations are so constant that we often do not consciously hear them. Put in a conscious good word for yourself occasionally.

In future blogs I will go into some of the following simple ideas for transforming the mind in a fun way.

Plan of goals – daily, weekly reminders

Using physical activities- exercise, diet

Meditation activities, past life regressions

Connecting with your guides

Turn activities into revelations by seeing them as lessons in your daily lives.  

Kindness, Blame no one, Integrity

 Viewing things in a positive light

 Ignoring and identifying the programed voice in your mind.

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