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We are part of the macrocosm downloaded into the microcosm of our amazing bodies.

What is your Frequency this year?

As a scientist working with frequencies to study the molecular levels of matter, I have been very comfortable with the term “frequency”. It was a tool to sift and identify atoms and structure. I was shedding light onto the microcosm that makes up our macrocosm. Then it became part of the macrocosm to me in my daily view of life.

I see now that everything is a frequency. Vision is like a magnifying glass. It just depends on the magnification you use as to what you see.

When you look down into the atoms you can see them vibrating at their respective frequencies. We are made up of these frequencies to form the whole that appears around us. It all depends on the degree of magnification as to what you see.

This is also true for the spaces in between. There is something there – it is not “nothing”. The spaces in between are just another form allowing mater to take shape and have definition and space as we see it. We too are frequencies in motion, defined by our spaces as well as our matter.

Since everything is at heart a vibration or frequency, our thoughts are also a frequency that goes out into the world around us. Likely we will not change the physical frequencies of our body in a short period of time. Nor will we move the shape and frequency of the furniture without very good cause.

However the frequency of our thoughts has more flexibility. We often have more incentive to change those frequencies, sometimes consciously and also subconsciously.

When you start to feel joy or gratitude or love there is a shift in frequencies that your body and the surroundings experience. When you feel fear, malicious intent, revenge and lack of gratitude you send out another frequency. All these feelings are human and we come across them, often without control or knowing how we got to those feelings / frequencies.

Criticizing your feelings will only bring more of the same – you are after all still in human form.

The idea is to see and be aware of where you are at and where you want to go.

Then start to sift your consciousness and frequencies in that direction with thoughts, music and actions that support your intended direction.

I like a quote I from Rumi I came across to help raise the frequency to the high side. It is a way to short circuit a lot of the fear, confusion and lack of faith.

Live life as if everything is rigged in your favor.

You can ask for some frequency raising hints to appear in your daily life and see what turns up as inspiration.

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