Dr. Lydia Anne Mitchell


Lydia Anne Mitchell Ph.D.

Through her courses and books Lydia specializes in supporting individuals who are committed to achieving relationship and individual wholeness.

Her passion is to help people become more empowered and so help heal those around them, shifting the energy of their environment and hence the world.
We are all connected and make a difference in each others lives.

My Story...

Born in Australia, Lydia has travelled and worked in Germany, Denmark and the USA. Currently she is residing in the Patagonia area of Chile with her husband from where she travels on a regular basis nationally and internationally.

Lydia’s scientific background gives her a unique understanding of the subtle energies involved in the physical world, seen and unseen by the human eye. After obtaining her doctorate in Chemistry at Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh, U.S.A. Lydia worked in research in the education and corporate world carrying out experiments based on electromagnetic principles using radio frequencies to identify and determine the structure of compounds on a molecular level.

From the time Lydia Anne saw auras in her childhood she has been aware of the less visible aspects of life. Lydia expanded into Feng Shui which also dealt with the seen and unseen, but from a more esoteric background. She was gratified by the positive results her clients gained as well as the pleasure of giving seminars and courses.

Being highly respected by the clients who attend her seminars as well as clients who have had the benefit of her Feng Shui consultations. She has consulted in North America, Ireland, Spain, Argentina and Chile.

Lydia’s intuition and knowledge were enhanced by a broad range of training and experience to name a few: kinesiology, intuitive palm reading, Qi-Gong, Radionics, Iridology, dowsing, numerology, past life recall, Ho’oponopono and Feng Shui.

My Work


Spiritual Reality

Transforming the Ordinary into the Extraordinary

Lydia’s first book Spiritual Reality gives a smorgasbord of spiritual concepts in a light and joyful manner. Sharing her experiences and knowledge in a way to lighten the lives of those around us, and in so doing the earth which feeds us all.


Integrated Soul Programme ™

Leveraging her experience in holistic and spiritual therapies studied over the last 30 years Lydia brings together the first series of courses:

Alchemy of Love

The Alchemy of Love is an online course about setting you free.
Free to love yourself. Free to love others.

Gratitude Revealed

Without love there is no gratitude. Without gratitude there is no joy.

With this in mind the second course is about gratitude. How to attain it. How to nurture it and how it changes your life.

Forgiveness Made Easy

This course is about another form of freedom. The freedom to release chains that you may not even be aware of. Once they are gone your life takes on a clearer, simpler and more joyful perspective.

Let There be Joy

You have gone through the process of increasing your love quota, creating more gratitude in your life, learned to jump start your ability to forgive and now you are ready for the boost in joy you will receive for the wonderful effort you have put into following the previous three courses.

Feng Shui

Creating a Sacred Space

You have shifted the levels of love, gratitude, forgiveness and joy in your life. now we want to anchor them in your home environment. Your environment reflects and also supports who you are. Setting up a sacred space in your home will support you on many levels.

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