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The Fear Factor, how to Free Yourself

We are truly on a manifesting planet.  It is our choice to manifest with joy and love. You are strong enough – the human race has overcome many obstacles over millennium. We did it with the help of friends and fa

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Calming colors for home using your personal element

Now is a time for rebalancing and regaining your calm with an environment that promotes feelings of peace and relaxation to find the love and joy in your heart. Generally calming colors are light shades of blue, blue grey, off white and green. Consider your Feng Shui element, determined by the year you were born, to find colors that resonate with you.

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Why BE happy now?

Happiness is not a goal- it is a process. The only way to accomplish the process is in the current moment.

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10 Ways to get over the Blues

Part of being human is to live and also to die. We all have loved ones, friends and pets who have passed on. This is the process of life. How do we recover from the blues that the passing of someone, the missing of them and the reminder of our mortality brings up?

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The Secret in Serving with Joy

What do I mean by serving? The simple answer is anything that you do with love and joy that supports others and the planet. I have included the caveat with love and joy for a reason. To help and support with resentment, reluctance,and a victim stance does not support anyone,

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Who are you Really?

Like a flower with many petals making up the whole, we show many faces to those around us. How many faces do you have? What do I mean by that? I am not referring to make up or clothes though they too can change with the face we are using

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Release of Fear

The release of conscious or subconscious fear is a liberating experience. Fear robs us of joy, love, peace, and confidence. In effect, it takes away all the things that make life worth living.

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Meditation On the GO

When doing the dishes or the accounts are not so interesting. Try these simple methods to bring gratitude and joy into the tasks at hand.

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When You Do Not Want to Be Happy

Should we be happy all the time? is it something that we should be search for, trying to achieve?
I think happiness is something that we achieve to bring balance into our life. It is not always there – but it not far away either. It is waiting in the next moment.

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Who do you trust?

I am opting for faith that we will create a wonderful environment with the earth for all its inhabitants. Trust that I and my family will be looked after, with love for all that surrounds me, with gratitude and forgiveness for those souls still working on their way to perfection in love. Which I think includes us all.

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The Secret of Time

Time seems to be speeding up with computers. Machines break down when not looked after – so do bodies. One solution is to put your bodily needs first.

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The Spaces in-between Time

Our lives are made up of spaces. Without spaces nothing stands out, nothing is individual. Spaces in time are essential to make sense for us in the world we have created. Take a moment out of time to breathe deeply, to go into infinite space where whatever you are concerned about does not exist. Breath-in space and breath-out space. For three breaths. When you come back the situation will have changed you will be in another “space” so to speak.

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