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We are part of the macrocosm downloaded into the microcosm of our amazing bodies.


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What Makes You Happy?

Each moment is a blessing. When lived as a blessing and not a disposable unit of your life you shift the world around you. How can you be happy when you are in fear?

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What a Wonderful World!

A spectacular drive in the south of Chile – the Volcano Villarrica had a lovely cover of snow from recent rains and the sun was shining with a clear blue sky. It is the beginning of spring in the southern hemisphere and the trees are leafing out, the grass is

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What keeps you here on this Earth?

You can truly escape your soul purpose – even if you consciously wanted to. There would always be a part of you that would wonder down that path – and likely enjoy it.

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Do you want to Enjoy Saving the Earth?

We all want to be a hero – hence the popularity of saving the world movies. In this blog I am talking about how to save the Earth and the world of those people involved in your circle. When you work on raising your own understanding and energy it is

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