Spiritual Reality: Transforming the Ordinary into the Extraordinary

by Lydia Anne Mitchell Ph.D.

For those interested in expanding their vision of the physical world.   Being aware of the agreements that exist between physical and spiritual realities  transform a person’s life enabling them to tap into the magic that exists all around them.  

” I highly recommend this book to everyone, as it provides insightful information on what we can do to better our experience while on Earth. ” –Rae Bernard, Pacific Book Review

“Exceptionally and accessibly well written, organized and presented, unreservedly recommended for community library Self-Help.”-Bethany´s Book Shelf. Midwest Book Reviews.


This book is for those searching for something more than the ordinary in their lives. Spiritual Reality: Transforming the Ordinary into the Extraordinary shares guidance created to help you link with your internal spirit increasing joy and taking control of your life.

You will discover the secrets to inner transformation, receiving practical wisdom on how to use the many approaches of spiritual knowledge to shift your past and create an extraordinary future.

Do you want more confidence and clarity in your decisions? Use some of these techniques to tap into your intuition and simplify your life.


Are you interested in shifting and expanding your vision to incorporate more knowledge on the connection between yourself, society and the world around you?

Incorporate a sense of spirit into every day life filling missing gaps and expanding your world.

From years of experimentation and practice Dr. Mitchell shows you simple methods, practical guidance and tools, with real-life stories, to combine the deeper spiritual and physical realities into your life.

Learn ways to consistently connect with spirit creating a life that flows easily.

Topics also included are: Joy in serving, the agreements you make with everything around you, ways to tap into your intuition, Love makes the world go around, and how to trust in life.

The book shifts your focus away from an everyday view, enabling you to see the magic within and around you and in so doing transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

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What the testimonials say...

“You are transforming the meaning of ordinary into extraordinary.”
Mitchell negotiates the liminal boundary of science and spirituality in this enlightening guidebook that also serves as a spiritual memoir, as it highlights many of her personal learning experiences. The narrative reminds readers that the nature of the human mind and spirit is multidimensional and that the union of science and spirituality can yield both practical, measurable physical lessons and esoteric, intuitive wisdom for navigating our daily lives and enjoying these to their fullest extent.Or, as the author says, “This book is about balancing yourself with the unseen as well as the seen. It is about the effect this balance has not only on you but also on your extended world.”

The author’s spiritual journey began when her intensive graduate and postgraduate studies in chemistry led to an illness that traditional medicine didn’t fully heal. In her search for alternatives, she discovered naturopathy. She began to look at the world differently, both in practical terms such as nutrition and positive thinking, but also in more esoteric and intuitive ways. Mitchell started to use her research skills as a scientist to explore the generally unexplainable spiritual experiences that came her way, such as past-life recall, the experience of past, present, and future occurring simultaneously, and many other phenomena.

In Spiritual Reality: Transforming the Ordinary into the Extraordinary, author Lydia A. Mitchell, Ph.D. offers a view behind the scenes into the true workings of the world. Every human being has made agreements from the moment their soul provided life in their bodies, to both animate and inanimate objects, is a concept many haven’t heard of. This demonstrates that we are capable of so much more than what life currently offers us.

Touching on the Hawaiian forgiveness ceremony, “Ho’o pono pono,” encourages everyone to think beyond the physical world and embrace the spiritual idea that love and forgiveness are powerful. Anyone who suffers from complications and downs in life would be appreciative to grasp on to this theory and turn it into a lifestyle for better experiences in life. The goal is to help everyone understand that we are all connected on a spiritual level and whatever we think or pray adds to the metaphorical pool of emotion that is released into the world as a whole.

The author mentioned the connection between the media and its belief in the influence they have over the viewer’s emotions, which would allow them to alter their viewer’s thoughts to feed their agenda. It’s a benefit for them and a loss to the members of society as it would affect what is set to occur in their daily lives.

Manifestation has been the most popular in today’s world, to the point it can seem trendy to engage in. The true meaning of manifestation is the ability to create your spiritual desires and bring them into the physical realm. With this process, we have to also learn patience and the understanding not to hold too tight onto the concept, but to “set it and forget it” to allow it to happen whenever the timing is right.

An example of the spiritual seeping into physical reality is someone having an illness. The individual refuses to take care of themselves as far as getting proper rest and or eating healthy, to the point the spiritual aspect of your life has to step in to get you to be still, by making your body suffer a sickness. Even something as basic as a cold can get someone to re-evaluate their entire life to ensure once they are well, they will tackle life with a better approach to avoid getting sick again. The ending goal is to inform everyone that the mind, body, and spirits are all one and the same. They work together to achieve whatever reality a person chooses. 

I enjoyed learning more about my spiritual self, in knowing that I too am guilty of not paying enough attention to my connection to it. Something as small as intuition, that gut feeling, has helped me many times in my past. It was all due to my spirit trying to get my attention to possible warnings for dangers or negative energy I shouldn’t be involving myself in. Just like every other person, we can be hard-headed at times, so reminders like those consequences are necessary. The famous saying, “everything happens for a reason” shouldn’t be taken lightly, as it is real and true.

I highly recommend this book for everyone to read, as it provides insightful information on what we should all do to better our experience while on Earth.

Synopsis: In the pages of “Spiritual Reality: Transforming the Ordinary Into the Extraordinary”, with her unique background and spiritual guidance, Lydia Mitchell shares an approachable and useful guide to developing spiritual awareness that shifts focus away from an everyday view, to enables her readers to see the magic within and around them that effectively transforms the ordinary into extraordinary.

Through simple methods, practical guidance and tools, and real-life stories, Dr. Mitchell helps her readers to learn how to combine the spiritual and physical realities of life and consistently connect with the spirit to create a life that flows easily.

“Spiritual Reality” effectively shares guidance created to help all of us link with the internal spirit to increase joy, improve our outlook, and take control of our lives.

Critique: Exceptionally and accessibly well written, organized and presented, “Spiritual Reality: Transforming the Ordinary into the Extraordinary” is unreservedly recommended for community library Self-Help/Self-Improvement collections.

In this self help book, the author helps us develop a spiritual awareness which will enable us to see far more than the obvious. This new vision will transform the ordinary into something extraordinary, seeing the magic that surrounds us. By using simple methods, practical guidance and real-life stories, the author leads us to combine the spiritual and physical realities of life to create a new life that flows easily and is full of joy.

“Spiritual Reality: Transforming the Ordinary into the Extraordinary” is a book written by Lydia Anne Mitchell Ph. D. She has a unique understanding on the subtle energy that we cannot appreciate with our eyes. I like very much the author’s writing style because it is clear and the reading flows easily. Moreover, due to the length of the book, it is a perfect read to enjoy during the weekend.

It shows that the author knows what she is writing about because the book is precise and simple to understand. Written in the first person, the book reflects her way of living and this is very important because readers trust even more in what the author has to share. It has twelve chapters and each one has a title that summarizes its content: this is perfect to make a mental picture of what the read will be about. My favourite one is chapter number 10 – “Joy in serving” because it is focused on everything that we do with joy and love but also involves caring about ourselves.

All in all, this book is very well written and the reading is very enjoyable. After finishing it, I felt that my mind opened to things I have not seen before. For all the reasons mentioned, I am giving this book five out of five stars and I will thoroughly recommend reading it.

‘Spiritual Reality: Transforming the Ordinary into the Extraordinary’ is an informative and revealing book that is essential for those who want to know their purpose in life. The author writes about basic things human beings face in life and how every activity impacts one’s living. Reading the book will have one appreciate some phases of life while thinking deeply about your fate or destiny. Lydia A. Mitchell, Ph.D., is open in her book. She uses real examples and shares some aspects of her life to enable the reader to understand the context of the topics discussed better.

Our spiritual life is important in our everyday living. In her book, Lydia A. Mitchell, Ph.D., breaks down the topic of spiritual living, being aware of one’s state, and fitting in the real world. Reading this book will help you move from being a mediocre person to embracing the realities of life and being better. The text in ‘Spiritual Reality’ is refreshing. The author in her wisdom focused on the most important topics in regards to spirituality and the secular world. One great thing about Lydia A. Mitchell’s writing is that the solutions she gives are practical.

The author is also involving in her text. Her stories are real and sensible. Her guide is applicable in all scenarios and one can feel her presence throughout the book. Reading this book will also help you have better and meaningful relationships with people in your life. The author does not mince her words when talking about realities that most people choose to overlook. Her honesty and the attitude in her text is refreshing. Lydia A. Mitchell’s sense of humor is a plus. The funny stories she shares and the jokes she cracks in between the texts makes the reading both enlightening and entertaining.

“There is always something you can learn about yourself and what you are

choosing. Life is a blessing when looked at in this light. Everything and every
experience is of value.” Spiritual Reality: Transforming the Ordinary into
the Extraordinary is a gift to anyone interested in the exploration of the
inner world. The messages, insights, and wisdom in this book will change your
perception, and ultimately your life. Lydia is a loving, wise, and
compassionate woman guiding us to Truth and freedom. If you are ready,
this book will help you to reconnect with your true essence and to find the
inner peace you have longed for. It was a wonderful experience to have
Lydia on my podcast show! Her presence and clarity reflected her commitment and
contribution to a more peaceful reality!”      Valeria Fit-For_life.com

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Does doing what you love stress you out?

Written by Lydia Anna Mitchell, Ph.D.

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