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The classes are interactive where participants can ask questions, and exercises will be given to do before the next class. Classes will be carried out via Zoom.

The courses Alchemy of Love, Gratitude Revealed, Forgiveness Made Easy, and Let There be Joy are each 10 sessions of 30 minutes via ZOOM. There are 2 sessions a week which are recorded on zoom and can be viewed if you are not able to attend the class.

Creating a sacred space with Feng Shui is a 3-session course of 30 minutes per session.

Enrollments are open for the next course series which begins 3rd November 2020

Alchemy of Love:

Starts 3rd November 2020

Gratitude Revealed:

Starts  8th December 2020 with a 2 week pause for Christmas 

Forgiveness Made Easy:

Starts 26th January 2021

Let There be Joy:

Starts 2nd March 2021 

Creating a sacred space with Feng Shui:

Starts 6th April 2021 

Payments via PayPal are due before the second class of each course.

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