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We are part of the macrocosm downloaded into the microcosm of our amazing bodies.

Feng Shui

I have been giving private Feng Shui consultations and courses for 20 years,  and in so doing gaining great pleasure in the successful results of my clients.

Feng Shui is an accumulation of 2,000 years of knowledge in how to maximize the energy you gain from your environment and how you can use this to attain your goals. Feng Shui reflects our connection with nature as well as our subconscious programming.

This may seem like a board statement – but magically the synergistic effects work to shift events and attitudes in your life.

How we live our life is reflected in our home and business. The beauty of this is that in turn our home and business environment affect our life.

In summary, by balancing your environment you balance your life and empower your goals.

Over the years I have solved the following issues with Feng Shui consultations:



Home assessment includes geopathic energies, underground water disturbance, lot shape and location as well as the house itself.

Solutions or cures  are made to be easily implemented with minimal disruption to the environment in consultation with the client.

Land / Farms

Before buying it is important to assess the Feng Shui of the property to maximize future success and minimize problems. 

The location, geography, shape, water issues and house location as well as geopathics are assessed.


Businesses can definitely benefit from a Feng Shui consultation. In one business I increased the revenue by 40% in two years. 

The location, geopathics and Feng Shui issues are addressed.

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Written by Lydia Anna Mitchell, Ph.D.

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The Natural Flow of Life...

Through your home environment Feng Shui increases the energy in your life. To do this Feng Shui works on many levels.

There is the physical aspects which are described in many books, the esoteric aspects, the symbolic aspects and the earth aspects represented by earth, metal, water, wood and fire.

Included in my consultations are aspects not normally considered in Feng Shui consultations. I regularly dowse for geopathic energy – energy that is unhealthy for humans and hence important to determine for business success, health and cases of depression.

Combining this accumulated knowledge and intuition into a consultation for a home, business, land purchase or farm can be done on location or remotely with plans, photos and video session.

What people are saying...

Director of the Oxford SchoolVillarrica, Chile
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The consultation and implementation of the Feng Shui with Dr. Lydia Mitchell has improved the harmony of the school. During the last 6 months after the implementation of the Feng Shui we observed that there was a remarkable reduction in the stress levels felt by the students and the teachers, besides an overall atmosphere of improved harmony.

The following year brought more students to the school, there was a growth in registration of 20% compared with the previous year before the Feng Shui implementation. In the following year registration also increased by about another 20% of the previous year, this overall 40% increase has enabled us to reach unexpected registration goals. I am pleased that I tried out this old and complex knowledge with the experience of Dr. Lydia Mitchell.
Greg Miller
Greg MillerFinancial Manager, Burlington, IA, U.S.A
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I have a successful business and wanted to scale up this success. During my travels to China to see the Forbidden City and the Summer Palace I noticed that the financial institutions are laid out according to Feng Shui principles which accentuate their business success. With this in mind I hired Lydia Mitchell to Feng Shui my business.

After implementing her recommendations there was an immediate improvement in my business environment with a consequent increase in my business going through the roof, so to speak. Within 10 months business was up by 42%.
P.K. OquawkaIL, U.S.A.
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Lydia helped me find a wonderful way to organize my house as well as benefit many other areas of my life. Since then I have noticed my husband is not as serious and stressed out, and it is making for a better relationship. He is more able to take things in stride. My husband had aching legs and sore feet for years. A week to 10 days after I implemented the Feng Shui he started to notice a difference in his legs and the pain went away. Three years later he is still fine.

Another area in which the consultation has helped me, is to bring helpful people into my life when I need them, they just seem to pop up. A fourth area which has benefited is my carrier. I was working part time and after adjustments in my career corner, I was offered a full time job which is very enjoyable, more laid back and friendly than the part time job.
Mary CaveFairfield, IA, U.S.A.
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Lydia’s advice was a joy to receive. She seemed magically intuitive as she glided through our house and yard seeing and feeling what needed to shift in our space to better support our desires. The actual follow through on her advice also proved to be highly joyful. We could hardly wait to move on to the next Feng Shui project experiencing powerful immediate results.