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The Spaces in-between Time

Our lives are made up of spaces. Without spaces nothing stands out, nothing is individual. Spaces in time are essential to make sense for us in the world we have created. Take a moment out of time to breathe deeply, to go into infinite space where whatever you are concerned about does not exist. Breath-in space and breath-out space. For three breaths. When you come back the situation will have changed you will be in another “space” so to speak.

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What or Who do you listen to?

You always have access to spirit and each time you make the choice to listen to the spirit within you strengthen your resolve and your life. You can listen to your mind, but for a sense of satisfaction and joy you have to follow your heart.

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When you feel resentful

Resentment leads to consequences in the physical world enabling you to heal and in doing so changing your patters and hence the physical reality around you.

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Building on the times you are Happy

Give yourself time to enjoy the memory of moments in your life. This will in turn increase such moments as you value them and recognize them more. It is also a way to subtly and easily manifest more of what you want.

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A World Away

Would you rather be a world away? Where you are happy. We are always searching for something better, avoiding something worse. Earth is a blessing.

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Talking Through the Air

We believe that only solid objects are real. Yet we communicate daily via unseen, untouchable internet frequencies from miles away. Much like our own brain frequencies which travel through air the same way.

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Know When to Stop Doing

How can you destress while leading a busy life? It is easy to ignore your natural rhythms and needs. Here are two ways that take seconds of your time without breaking your concentration.

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Do You Become Who You Judge?

The more you judge the more you need to resolve the issues you are judging. In our lives with our mental check points on automatic we can accumulate a lot of judgements. I give a personal example of a simple judgement and the long-term consequences.
When you help someone while judging them, you are loving them conditionally.

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