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We are part of the macrocosm downloaded into the microcosm of our amazing bodies.


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Love Makes the World Go Around

How does love fit in with our physical reality and modern lifestyle? One way to look at it is through the results of what happens with love. Love has been seen as being connected with the highest frequencies and God energy. There are many forms and many beliefs associated with love.

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Know that Each Moment Counts

Do you feel every moment is a wonderful gift from Spirit? How many moments a day seem like gifts? Would it cover five minutes, an hour, half a day, or all day?

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For Joy Judgment is Gone!

Nature and the God that created all do not judge. We are all different flowers in the garden of life all add and contribute in our own way.

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What Makes You Happy?

Each moment is a blessing. When lived as a blessing and not a disposable unit of your life you shift the world around you. How can you be happy when you are in fear?

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What a Wonderful World!

A spectacular drive in the south of Chile – the Volcano Villarrica had a lovely cover of snow from recent rains and the sun was shining with a clear blue sky. It is the beginning of spring in the southern hemisphere and the trees are leafing out, the grass is

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What keeps you here on this Earth?

You can truly escape your soul purpose – even if you consciously wanted to. There would always be a part of you that would wonder down that path – and likely enjoy it.

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