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The Secret in Serving with Joy

What do I mean by serving? The simple answer is anything that you do with love and joy that supports others and the planet. I have included the caveat with love and joy for a reason. To help and support with resentment, reluctance,and a victim stance does not support anyone,

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Who are you Really?

Like a flower with many petals making up the whole, we show many faces to those around us. How many faces do you have? What do I mean by that? I am not referring to make up or clothes though they too can change with the face we are using

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Release of Fear

The release of conscious or subconscious fear is a liberating experience. Fear robs us of joy, love, peace, and confidence. In effect, it takes away all the things that make life worth living.

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Meditation On the GO

When doing the dishes or the accounts are not so interesting. Try these simple methods to bring gratitude and joy into the tasks at hand.

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When You Do Not Want to Be Happy

Should we be happy all the time? is it something that we should be search for, trying to achieve?
I think happiness is something that we achieve to bring balance into our life. It is not always there – but it not far away either. It is waiting in the next moment.

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