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What can you eat? An amazing story!

We are all different and individual. Each of us has grown up with our own special experience, in our country, neighborhood and home. What we eat nourishes our bodies and our lives. In the physical aspects of life food and water are very important in keeping us alive. There are

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Chi and Food

I enjoyed an interesting Utube video on the connection of Chi with food by Mingtong Gu a QIGong master.  It is a different view on food and diet. He also demonstrates and explains Chi in a practical way as well as the connection he is making between Chi and food.

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Accessing your intuition and guidance

              Walking with a friend and talking about the different methods of accessing your intuition reminded me of sections in my book which focused on this. Accessing your inner intuition and guidance takes some faith and experimentation. But it is well worth the effort

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How to destress in the Moment

  Like the sun set in the photo above each moment brings change and each moment is never the same. Each moment is fleeting. That is the beauty of the moment. Living in the moment is something important to practice whether it is a social occasion you are anticipating or

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Scarlet to Attract Success

Macaw Parrots are the largest and most intelligent parrots, living up to 75 years. These pictured are a beautiful shade of scarlet. Power success, persistence and confidence is associated with the color scarlet.  It is a brighter orange tone variation of the color red. If you have a project you

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Free yourself from pain with the color red

We are all solid and we are all frequency. How can this be? Each solid is composed of vibrating atoms giving the composite its own special vibration. When I did research into the structure of molecules I used a Nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer (NMR). NMRs can detect the resonating frequencies

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What is Happiness?

Happiness is a light that  lights up your life. How do you find it? Where is it? What makes you feel happiness? How long does it last? These are all questions I am sure you have asked yourself in the search for continued happiness and joy. Where can you find

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New Book Review

Bethany’s Bookshelf  Review Spiritual Reality Lydia A. Mitchell Balboa Press c/o Hay House, Inc. PO Box 5100, Carlsbad, CA 92018-5100 9781982206024, $30.95, HC, 162pp,   Synopsis: In the pages of “Spiritual Reality: Transforming the Ordinary Into the Extraordinary”, with her unique background and spiritual guidance, Lydia Mitchell

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Receiving Inner Guidance

For me the above photo is like sparks of light in an immense sky. The white clouds are moving and formless yet strong in their visual effect. There is so much sky and so many places to go, so many choices and a huge universe out there. Inner guidance can

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A recent review of Spiritual Reality

Spiritual Reality Lydia A. Mitchell Balboa Press c/o Hay House, Inc. PO Box 5100, Carlsbad, CA 92018-5100 9781982206024, $30.95, HC, 162pp, Synopsis: All of us have wondered at some point or another whether there is a deeper meaning to our everyday activities. Some of us may have even

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